Pianist. Composer. Sound Designer.

Music and Audio for Games

I’ve been in the business of game music and audio for about 11 years, including a 10 year stint as the audio director/house composer at Zombie Studios.  In that time I created soundtracks and sound effects for many genres from horror (Saw, SawII, Daylight), FPS (Rogue Warrior, Blacklight Tango Down, Blacklight Retribution, Special Forces Team X, America’s Army), Casual (Frogger Hyper Arcade 30th anniversary, Master Blasters, Astro Pizza).

My duties have included everything from music composition to sound design to voice over direction to field recording to implementation of systems for delivering music and audio in games.  I have worked extensively with game engines(UE2, UE3, UE4, Unity), digital audio/video tools(Cubase, Soundforge, Native Instruments Komplete and Macschine, ProTools, Sibelius, Wavelab, Premiere), and game audio middleware(Wwise, FMOD).

Having worked at a small studio that produced everything from casual games to serious games to bigger budget AAA titles on many platforms, I’ve had the unique experience of immersion in every aspect of game audio, from pre-production through gold master and beyond.